Buying Gold Paydirt is not the best way to invest in gold

A disclaimer, we have never advertised our business as a gold investment strategy

We sell gold paydirt as a means of enabling people to participate in the process of panning for gold as a hobby, not as an investment strategy.

 There are much better ways to invest in gold, but none of them offer gold at an instant profit.  In fact, premiums on gold bullion range from around 2% for 1 kilo bars to over 30% for 1-gram bars. 

 To reiterate, we do not sell gold, we sell the fun and excitement of FINDING gold in a gold pan through the gold panning recovery process.  That’s all we do. 

 Read our BLOG articles and you will see how many times we tell people that buying gold paydirt is not an investment strategy. 

 We sell people the opportunity to pan for gold. . .that’s all. 

 The fact that they end up some gold is a bonus, a secondary benefit. 

 Gold panning, in our little world, is just a hobby, and unlike most hobbies, you end up with something that has actual value instead of just nice memories and sore muscles.

 I say again, “Buying gold paydirt is not a gold investment strategy.”

 That’s what bullion bars, coins, and rounds are for not raw gold.

 While raw gold could grow to be worth more than what it was purchased for, it is a long-term investment at best.

 We want to sell gold paydirt to fellow enthusiasts who have gold fever, which is they love seeing gold reveal itself in a gold pan. 

 You can always tell when someone has gold fever or not. . .Those who don’t always ask, “how much is that gold worth?” when you show them the gold you have recovered. 

 Those who do have gold fever want to know where you found it and if they can go with you next time. 

 If you want to invest in gold, buy some bullion, but if it’s fun and adventure you’re looking for, gold panning offers a relaxing, enjoyable, hobby that yields tangible results of real value.

 What’s in your pan?  I hope it’s!

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