Capturing that Eureka! moment...

We all want to share your Eureka moment.

A great way to do that is to share a good photo of your gold so we can all appreciate it with you. 

A few simple tips will help you be successful in allowing the rest of us to vicariously share in your discovery...

  • Scientifically, a blue gold pan as the best color for a background, it complements the color gold the best. Take a look at a color wheel of complementary colors and you’ll see what I mean. 

  • An out-of-focus photo is worse that no photo at all. With the quality of digital cameras and phones these days, it’s easy to take several photos and pick the best one.

  • Pictures of gold in glass vials are usually uninteresting, especially if the vial has water in it. The glass and water distort the gold and it loses some of its sharpness and character. Nothing is worse than a photo of gold in a vial that is too dark and out of focus, nothing!

  • If your photo is of clean, dry gold, then try to put a dime or other silver colored coin in the photo to give a sense of perspective and size. 

  • Cameras are greatly influenced by the primary color of the focal point and background. Even the most popular green pan doesn’t look that great as a background unless the gold is sharply in focus and fills most of the picture. 

  • Good lighting is important too. Not too much, and not too little. Indirect lighting is usually best to avoid powerful reflections that blind the camera’s eye.

Of course, the joy of the moment often overshadows esoteric technical details.
That’s another reason they call it Gold fever! 

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