EUREKA! Eureka! eureka!…

EUREKA! Eureka! eureka!…

Why you should not classify purchased paydirt. 

In a recent BLOG, I wrote about classification of paydirt to make the gold recovery process most effective for those just starting out in actual gold mining.

Gold miners are a creative lot. We are constantly trying to improve our processes and methodologies.  Too, we are always attempting to reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to recover the yellow metal. Because full time gold miners, for the most part, are driven to survive, and hopefully, to become prosperous in their pursuit of the yellow metal.

You can read that article here:

 However, not all of us are gold miners. In fact, most of us who are fans of, and paydirt consumers in general, are Patio Panners. That is, we buy gold paydirt, to be able to experience the pleasure and thrill of discovery, the Eureka moment!

Having a EUREKA! (all caps) moment is the ultimate experience, but it is also a very demanding process which few of us are able to  engage in: You must have legal access to gold bearing land, you have the ability to know what “good ground” looks like, you have to have the physical stamina required walk, dig, pan, and carry all your equipment, food and water, etc. – there’s a reason you see mules in most caricatures of the old sourdough gold miner. It’s a tough life and very demanding. I know, I have watched hundreds of hours of TV! 😊  I have also tried my hand at running a gold washplant…a challenging undertaking.

But few things have driven men more wildly insane than a EUREKA! moment...the moment of discovery, the payoff for all their hard work, the moment they see yellow gold in the pan for the first time.

Then there is the Eureka! moment. This is the same scenario as above except without all the time and effort required to see that yellow gold in the pan. This most typically occurs as the result of going to a “pay-to-play” location, or simply purchasing gold paydirt. The experience is highly addictive, and fortunately, it is fresh every time. You will always remember the moment you made your first “strike”, your first Eureka! moment.

Lastly, there is the eureka! moment. This is the same experience as to the scenario above, but with diminished intensity and a slightly dampened thrill of discovery. How does this happen?

It happens when you purchase a shipment of paydirt and start processing it by classifying your dirt. Starting with larger screens (sieves), you meticulously separate the paydirt into size grouping and pan out each size separately.

While this approach seems to be very popular on paydirt review sites, it reduces the intensity of the discovery moment for the Patio Panner, it waters it down if you will.

Why? Because your discovery process is reduced to the mechanical process of screening out the material, especially in the case of larger nuggets. It is just not as much fun to screen out a ½ + gram nugget as it is to see it magically appear in your gold pan after a few minutes of panning!

To get the greatest enjoyment out of the panning process, don’t classify it ahead of time!

Patience, grasshopper…let the excitement build…don’t be in a hurry…savor the discovery process and you will be rewarded! 😊

Besides, it takes about the same amount of time to get to the gold (if you eliminate classification), but the reward is Eureka! Instead of eureka! Just a bit sweeter!

By the way, here is an important axiom on gold panning:

Good panning, is re-panning

…and always, always pan into a safety pan to capture the gold that inevitably escapes your best efforts.

Try it and let me know what you think.






  • I can sure see your point here Michael. But I have to add 1 thing. With today’s technology, a lot of patio panners have to classify a little bit anyway. When it comes to the small gold, (Which sometimes will make or break when it comes to recovery of investment), todays panners rely on stuff like water tables, blue bowls and shaker tables in order to squeeze out all of the gold in there. In using these machines it is always best to at least have all of the material you are working with, the same size. If you don’t, you will lose gold. They all are dependant on the weight of the gold versus the material it is in. So a slightly larger piece of black sand will weigh more than a small piece of gold. You will lose the gold before that piece of black sand. Unless you classify first. Then there is no larger black sand to compete with the smaller gold. I generally like to classify at 1/4" and 30 mesh only. Just my opinion.

    Phillip Maynard on

    Bruce Christopher on
  • Great Idea ! Get the excitement and Wow factor . then take the safety pan and classify it and pan it out that way you defiantly get all the gold. Any way you go defiantly Smiles and fun in your future.

    John Shaw on
  • I use the pay dirt from ipan4gold in the winter when I can’t get to the creek because of all the snow…

    Mark Franklin on

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