Klesh says "The vast majority of paydirt vendors out there are, like, ripoffs..."

According to Klesh, "The vast majority of paydirt vendors out there are, like, ripoffs..." 
( 10:40)
Maybe this explains why I get comments from people who have never purchased paydirt from me.
They proclaim "Scam!" or "Rip-off!"
I have no time for hateful people and have learned it is easier just to block people who make stupid comments than try to reason with them.
Usually they don't respond when I try to engage them, and usually, I get to point out that they have never purchased any paydirt from me.
They listen to people like Klesh and Chris Ralph at ICMJ who throw us all in the same pile of crooks.
Too, I get some people who get me mixed up with another vendor who did rip them off and their comments are full of threats of legal action and other attempts to intimidate me. I have given up trying to reason with these folks. I even shipped some free paydirt to a most recent complainer and got zero feedback. They say "nice guys finish last." That may be true in the natural world, but I have a higher treat others the way I want to be treated. Frankly, it is much easier to stand out by being different in a positive way. Thanks again to all my friends and great customers who constantly affirm their appreciation for what we do. Blessings upon you all.
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