ROR (Rate of Recovery) Table for iPan4Gold Paydirt Shipments

In my attempt to be as transparent as possible as well as address an important question for a lot of paydirt buyers, I am posting the target ROR (Rate of Recovery) I use in calculating my selling price for my paydirt shipments. Ultimately my purchase price for the gold I sell influences my sell 2prices more than these targeted ROR's.  

"The Rate of Recovery is defined as the value of the gold recovered divided by the price of the paydirt shipment expressed as a percentage."

Note: Shipping charges are not included because it is different for every buyer depending on the buyer's location and carrier. 

I.e., you pay $100 and recover $80 worth of gold, your Rate of Recovery is 80%. (ROI in this example would be -20%)


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Be advised, these rates change daily as the spot price of gold changes. This directly affects my costs as well as other financial factors that come into play, including the ebb and flow of my monthly sales cycle. 

As you will see, with a few exceptions, the smaller the size of the shipment, the higher the premium (lower ROR), just as with bullion purchases. 

Disclaimer: Our prices and ROR calculations represent estimates for a specific date and time and will change as the Spot price of gold changes every hour of the day. Therefore, these numbers are not absolute, and are not guarantees. They are provided for comparative purposes only. 

Additionally, your ROR will vary depending upon how good a panner you are. The more gold you recover, the higher your ROR.

Our primary motivation in providing this information is to enhance the level of understanding of the value of the gold paydirt we make available to our customers. mdvaladez 12/22 

To see the current ROR Table, click on the main Menu and select "ROR Table"

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