Searched or Unsearched?

What is your opinion about buying only "unsearched paydirt"? How many times have you seen gold paydirt touted as "Unsearched" paydirt? What is the appeal of unsearched paydirt? 

Let's think this through a bit...

In my opinion, "unsearched paydirt" is gold bearing material that has been dug up and stockpiled, and it has not been run through any kind of gold recovery equipment for the purpose of separating the heavies from the lighter material, resulting in "concentrates". 

As I perceive it, the attraction of "unsearched paydirt" is that it represents the closest thing to real prospecting for gold that is untouched by human hands, and unseen since it was created. Now that is pretty cool, you know, to hold something of value in your hand that no one else in the world has ever even seen before...a true discovery.

But the same is essentially true of every rock that ihas ever been dug up...but just plain rocks are not too exciting to most people. :-)  So the real difference is that gold has a real tangible value

The implication is that raw dirt, from a gold bearing area, in the same condition as it comes out of the ground, gives the truest prospecting experience one can have. 

But here are some facts to consider: 

On average, "unsearched paydirt" from a gold mine or gold bearing ground contains less that 2 grams of gold per ton! That equates to about one one thousandth of a gram in every one pound of paydirt  or...3.8 cents worth of gold. 

I think a one pound paydirt shipment would cost at least $10. So the question is, would you pay $10 for 3.8 cents worth of gold? 

At iPan4Gold, we guarantee, on average, over 73 OUNCES of gold per ton of our paydirt, that's real value...but our most important offering is the thrill of discovering gold in your pan! 

That's what it's all about for us, and we love sharing the fun and excitement of discovering gold in the pan. 

So what will it be for you? If your priority is in panning "unsearched paydirt", then you have plenty of sellers to choose from. But if you are looking for value AND the adrenaline rush of discovering gold in the pan, there are likewise lots of sellers who can provide you an excellent gold panning experience. 'But there is only one :-) mdv


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