From time to time, I get a post on my Facebook page slandering me, calling me and my business a "scam".
This offends me every time because, in my opinion, I go above and beyond to ensure I treat people 
the way I want to be treated. 
I need to learn to be content with God's approval, and not be so concerned with what people think. 
It is helpful I think to keep in mind what our legal systems defines as unacceptable behavior.
What constitutes slander against a business?
The legal definition of slander is oral defamation, which is a spoken lie told with the specific intent of damaging the targeted person or business. ... So, if somebody spoke a lie with the intent to harm your business, he committed slander; if he wrote the lie in a public forum, he committed libel. 
So the next time I am tempted to slander someone or their business, I trust the Lord will remind me to practice what I preach. 

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