The Rewards of Serving My Customers...


I just got off a phone call that made my day. It seems I have been privileged to have a number of such conversations lately, although this was the first phone call I have received. 

The call was from a gentleman who has purchased our paydirt a number of times, It seems that he takes great joy in panning for gold with his grandchildren

I have several customers who do this, whether Dads or Grandpas, and they are so appreciative for the hours of entertainment and discovery they experience with each paydirt shipment. 

I love to get feedback from the iPan4Gold family of friends. It is not uncommon to hear from parents about the kids' sqeals of delight they hear each time one of their kids discovers another nice piece of gold

This was the first time I had received a phone call however, and 10 year old Keith, gave me a thorough and detailed report of his findings. It was a delightful conversation. 

What a great opportunity for families to have hours of fun and adventure that can be experienced in the safety and security of their own home.

Too, I understand there is much excitement and anticipation regarding the arrival of the next subscription shipment, and of course Fathers and Grandfathers delight in being treated like Santa Claus every month

The thrill of discovery and the rush of excitement that comes from finding the color of gold in the pan knows no boundaries of age, gender, race. What's in your pan?  :-) 

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