We have a fascination with gold...

We have a fascination with gold. We are inextricably tied to gold in one form or another. The pursuit of the yellow metal has shaped entire civilizations over time. We are fascinated by its beauty. We depend on, its utility to create things and enable processes to be performed, deemed impossible just a hundred years ago.

And yet, for all its perceived value, you can’t eat it or drink it, and it cannot sustain life, except as an instrument of value to be exchanged for food, drink, clothing, shelter, and even the luxuries of life.

ancient gold coin 300x275 Unlocking Our Fascination With Gold

5 doppie – verso ID005 – ancient golden coin of republic of genoa italy

Gold is a resource either to be accumulated as a store of wealth and a hedge against the collapse of various monetary systems, or to be displayed as a symbol of status or décor, or ultimately to be consumed in some form of mankind’s creative genius. However, one cannot derive lasting contentment from owning it, and, therefore, one can never have “enough”…always wanting “just a little bit more.”

Therefore, lust and greed have often been a driving force behind the relentless, even blood-soaked pursuit of this incredible treasure.

Gold has retained its attractiveness and value over the eons, from the gold of Ophir in Biblical times to its present day role in the economy of most large nations…everyone, it seems, recognizes the value of gold in one form or another. Gold has been the anchor for most monetary systems since the beginning of time. In the 20th century, many nations have moved away from the gold standard as the basis of their currency, with varying degrees of success. Nevertheless, some of those same nations are secretly accumulating vast amounts of the yellow metal to ensure their ultimate survival, at least in a financial sense as the world continues to degenerate into chaos and uncertainty.

A fascinating aspect of gold is its ability to endure throughout the ages. Even though an amount of gold may be “consumed”, or perhaps more accurately deployed in a certain form, it outlasts the lifespan of the object in which it has been deployed as well as those who fashioned it.

Once it has lost its utility in its current form, it is merely recycled and re-tasked to another purpose.

The gold in your possession may have initially come from King Solomon’s mines or adorned the sarcophagus of an ancient king or pharaoh. Because gold does not deteriorate under normal conditions, any piece of unprocessed gold could have a fascinating history behind it.

2ca674cbae0a0dec69ef776e28a4738a Unlocking Our Fascination With GoldFor the gold miner. However, gold’s history begins with its discovery. Who knows where it will end up? No one knows what the piece of gold’s role in history will be out over time, but one thing is sure, when a miner finds a piece of gold, its history only just begun from a human point of view.

While gold can be fashioned into almost any shape and form, it is, to many, the most beautiful in its natural form. Like a snowflake, each piece of gold is unique and has its beauty in the eye of the beholder.

Sadly, most of the large gold nuggets discovered since the beginning of time have been melted into various articles of greater perceived utility to the owner.

This fact no doubt contributes to why a gold nugget can easily sell for a premium in excess of its melt value.

So what will you do with the raw gold that comes into your possession? Will you pass along your story to become part of its history, or melt it into oblivion? Regardless, the gold you discover will last far beyond your lifetime and will continue to be a bearer of beauty, value, and utility, forever, even finding its way onto the streets of heaven in the coming age of eternity.


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