Why it make sense to buy gold paydirt...

A disclaimer...I sell gold paydirt..but I also buy gold paydirt, and always will.


To those who think we're fools for buying paydirt, consider this:


Not ALL of us have access to gold bearing ground along with all the legal permissions to dig for it - there is very little public land East of the Mississippi.


Likewise not ALL of us possess the financial and other resources necessary to go prospecting any time they want.


Lastly, we are envious of everyone who still has the strength, stamina, and other other physical attributes needed to dig, tote, and handle multiple buckets of paydirt and equipment for even a few hours a day.


FOR THE REST OF US, HOWEVER, who possess none of these things, the only viable option we have is TO PURCHASE GOLD PAYDIRT.


If possessing gold is all that matters, then it can be purchased much cheaper than buying gold paydirt...bullion bars and coins are readily available...but have you noticed, the smaller the gold bar, the larger premium the you'll have to pay!


But here's the thing which some folks obviously don't get, those of us who sell gold paydirt aren't just selling the gold, we're selling the THRILL OF DISCOVERY, that EUREKA! moment that drives gold fever...and that experience is PRICELESS.


To me, there are few things more exciting than seeing gold magically appear in the bottom of a gold pan. We love it.

I started out gold panning at the Crisson Gold mine and eventually got a partner and we started our own "mining operation."

We pursued gold recovery operations for over three years.

During this entire time period, I purchased gold paydirt. I have learned to pan all kinds of gold and all kinds of material.

As I said before, I have never stopped purchasing gold paydirt and probably never will.

I sell gold paydirt because I love helping others have the same kind of fun and excitement I get when see the gold show up in the bottom of my pan...that's what it's all about for me and I love helping others have that same experience.

 Where should you buy gold paydirt? Wherever you can get a quality product, at a good price, with excellent, reliable customer service.

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  • when I was Yung a friend an I went down to a stream in Washington State Streams and found Gold nuggets size of an egg I still trying to remember what stream it was were we found those huge nuggets it was a long time ago maybe one day I will try to remember were I found those huge Gold nuggets I know it was in Washington State we slide down a hill and that’s how we found those huge nuggets my Question is is there a contest to win gold nuggets paydirt because I herd some outfits do give away gold paydirt for prizes

    Ron G Sternberg on

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