You Are Panning for Gold, Aren't You?

Is this typical of your final cleanups?

There’s no doubt that over time it adds up, gold is gold, and it does have tremendous value for its size and weight. In many cases, we spend far more time effort and money to find that small bit of gold in our pan than it costs us to prospect for it. But what keeps us coming back for more is the thrill of discovery, the gold fever, the Eureka! moment.

Let's face it. Gold is rare and difficult to find...even with highly specialized and sophisticated processes and methodologies, not to mention hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Nowadays, the average cleanup on the Gold Rush TV show is mind-boggling.

For the average gold prospector, however, fly poop-sized gold is not an unusual outcome. So much so that there is often a great celebration when a pan yields more than a few grams

The same should not be true, however, of gold paydirt shipments purchased from any one of the hundreds of gold paydirt suppliers found on the internet.

At we are committed to providing more than enough gold in your pan to have a sense of discovery, of elation every time you pan our paydirt.

In the iPan4Gold world, we offer paydirt shipments to suit most budgets, but our prices reflect the reality that we are offering GOLD in a paydirt matrix of crushed quartz and Alaska beach sands - unique in the gold paydirt market and we guarantee the minimum amount of gold contained in each shipment.  We offer shipments containing as little as a gram, to a full ounce of gold

…and we are one of the few paydirt providers that offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Our products consistently provide real value, but our primary measure of value is in providing you the opportunity to discover gold in your pan...the Eureka moment, the moment of discovery, like finding hidden treasure, just like the 49ers and every other gold seeker from the past, whoever found gold throughout human history.

But you don’t have to take my word for it…I just received this stunning endorsement:

Well, I’ve bought paydirt from just about all the sellers out there. I always give my review 100% as I see it. This is the Best overall company I’ve ever bought paydirt from. First, off Michael, the owner is a super nice and down to earth guy. He called me personally before my first purchase because I was having problems checking out (on my end). He talked to me like we’d been friends for 30 years. Secondly, his gold that he puts in his paydirt is the best I’ve ever seen. A great mixture from around #6 - #50. You can find smaller mesh, but very little and not often. Last, he ships within 24 hours of your order. If you’re like me, you want it yesterday. I took a few years, but I’ve found my seller. Give ipan4gold a try and I bet you won’t be disappointed. “ Jason T.

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