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Klondike Gold Camp Nugget - 7.55g

Klondike Gold Camp Nugget - 7.55g


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This nugget was found "...ten miles outside of Dawson Yukon. It was metal detected and recovered after the old camp from 1800's was burnt, decayed into nothing but ruins. The ground we sluiced and the area behind these shacks is where this nugget was found with rotting leather pouch and approx. 5 oz. of smaller golds even fines."* 

These nuggets are genuine placer gold nuggets and they are becoming more and more rare - the overwhelming majority of gold nuggets are melted by miners and/or refiners

Just like snowflakes, each gold nugget is unique and no two are alike.

Get your piece of golden history...before they're gone.

 *This account was conveyed to me when I purchased the nugget and I pass it on, athough I cannot prove it as true.