About Our Paydirt

Our paydirt is better than the real thing! However, you should understand:

1. Our paydirt is a blend of material taken directly from the gold fields of Alaska and the North Georgia Mountains. This gives you the ability to pan material that is different, challenging, and contains some native gold from each of these areas. 

2. Our paydirt can be dusty, because is has been dried. It will also make your water muddy. This is because most of it has not been washed through a trommel or highbanker. You will therefore find pine needles, seashells, and other items native to the area from which it was mined and stockpiled - just like a real gold mine. 

3. The crushed quartz rock from Georgia contains very little black sand. The material from Alaska is almost exclusively black sand, but with little or no magnetite.

3. Natural unsearched gold paydirt on average contains less than 2 grams per ton of material. Therefore, in order to offer both value and a memorable Eureka! moment to the panning experience, we add gold from Alaska, California, The Yukon, Colorado, and parts unknown. 

4. The purity of all gold can vary, even from the same claim, so our range of purity depends on where we are getting our gold from. You'll find XRF readouts accosiated with some of the product photos indicating a ranging 76% to over 92%.

5. Every paydirt shipment is a CUSTOM MADE order just for you. There is no assembly staff or machines involved in putting together your shipment. It is made just for YOU. Therefore you won't find any GTIN, UPC, or other barcodes on it.

6. Please, send me your questions and I'll do my best to answer. thx


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