We offer subscriptions on most of our paydirt products:

From time to time, we offer special pricing for everyone who purchases a subscription.  

We guarantee your purchase price will not increase for 4 months from the date of your original subscription purchase price…unless the spot price of gold increases $100/oz or more over your original purchase price!

In the event of a general price change and the new price for the product you purchased is below your original purchase price, then your subscription price will be reduced to reflect the new price! (calculated monthly). 

Likewise, if there is a general price increase, your price may increase too, but it will never go above your original purchase price for up to 11 months…unless the spot price of gold increases $100/oz or more over your original purchase price!

This means there is essentially no risk for you…we offer a 60-day guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your shipment, just return it for a 100% refund.

 Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. 

You will be notified 4 days in advance of each shipment before your CC is charged.

Additional Benefits of a Subscription:

*Build your subscription schedule to fit your budget: Monthly (default), quarterly, annually, whatever you want.  *A Leather Pouch and a Glass Vial with your first order If gold supplies are running low, subscribers get first priority on available inventory.  



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