About our Subscriptions

We offer subscriptions on three of our paydirt products:

The Eureka, Motherlode, and Hi-Grade shipments

We guarantee your purchase price will not increase for 11 months from the date of your original subscription purchase price…unless the spot price of gold increases $100/oz or more over your original purchase price!

In the event of a general price change and the new price for the product you purchased is below your original purchase price, then your subscription price will be reduced to reflect the new price! (calculated monthly). 

Likewise, if there is a general price increase, your price may increase too, but it will never go above your original purchase price for up to 11 months…unless the spot price of gold increases $100/oz or more over your original purchase price!

This means there is essentially no risk for you…we offer a 60-day guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your shipment, just return it for a 100% refund.

 Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. 

You will be notified 4 days in advance of each shipment before your CC is charged.

Additional Benefits of a Subscription:

*Build your subscription schedule to fit your budget: Monthly (default), quarterly, annually, whatever you want.  *Every subscription includes a free Leather Pouch, a Snuffer Bottle, and a Glass Vial with your first order If gold supplies are running low, subscribers get first priority on available inventory.  

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I grew up with an appreciation for the pioneering spirit of our forefathers in the sense of adventure and discovery that we all celebrate in the history of our great country. I have been enriched through the experiences I’ve had, and the people I’ve met. When I discovered the fun and adventure I could have through panning for gold, I also discovered the difference between having a vicarious adventure of watching someone else having their Eureka moment, and having my own. That’s what I’d like to give to all of you the ability to have your own Eureka moment.

What gold panning paydirt can do for you

I discovered my love for gold panning as a young boy. My first “Eureka!” moment happened when I panned out my first paydirt. I was hooked. Over the next several decades I learned a lot of things, but that first gold panning experience lingered in my memories. As an adult, I began to research how to once again experience a “Eureka!” moment. I have learned a lot in the last few years and I want to share it with others.. Now, I’m in the business of bringing the joy and excitement of discovery to people everywhere.

When I learned about gold paydirt, I learned that anyone could experience the thrill of the dig in from the comfort of their own home. With just a pan, some other light equipment, you can have your own “Eureka” moments and share those moments with friends and family.


Why and how iPan4Gold is different

Our Gold is guaranteed in every paydirt shipment. I write a handwritten note with every shipment to make sure you know that you have a tour guide on this gold-digging adventure. You’ll be astonished at some of the nuggets you’ll find in my paydirt…and you’ll be astonished at how addicting it can be to discover your own buried treasure.

I personally guarantee your 100% satisfaction with every shipment from IPan4Gold. This business is about building a community of happy gold panning fanatics like myself. When you - or your loved one - opens a shipment from me, the adventure begins. I look forward to hearing about your discoveries.


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The Rewards of Serving My Customers...

"...hours of fun and adventure that can be experienced in the safety and security of their own home..."


Common Myths About Gold Paydirt

Paydirt is a great investment

Over time, probably, but…while the value of the gold in your paydirt shipments can appreciate over time, there are more fiscally-sound ways to invest in the gold market. I’m looking for thrill-seekers more than wealth-chasers. However, I can’t say paydirt is a bad investment, after all, you never know what you’ll find.

Paydirt is a total gamble

Real prospecting is a gamble, but when you buy paydirt from IPan4Gold, it won’t be a shot in the dark – there are no “dry holes” with iPan4Gold. You can enjoy the discovery of genuine gold without worrying that you’ll turn up empty handed. Our paydirt is guaranteed to have value.

Paydirt is a scam

It can be, but not at iPan4Gold. You might find “paydirt” offered for sale online that’s just backyard dirt containing little or no gold. You will find all kinds of creative offers to separate you from your money including raffles and offers “too good to be true.” Congratulations, now that you’re here, there’s no reason to go looking for trouble like that. Our products are real, consistent, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Ready to buy Gold Paydirt?


How to Buy Gold Paydirt

Take a good look at our products. You'll see that we have gold paydirt to suit every budget and personal preference. With each shipment, we promise you will receive more than a guaranteed minimum in each shipment. Our products range from $50 to well over $1000 - each one offering that Eureka moment, the joy of discovery. What's in your pan?